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Klowny Kritter
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Jess
Nickname: Klowny Kritter
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Age: 02/17/1990 do the math....
Height: 5'1'
Weight: somewhere in between 145 and 155 pounds
Gender: Gender fucked Androgynous, but I am a female if you absolutely MUST know
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Species: Human Being, wishes I was an alien robot yay for transforming into cars and big guns!
Occupation: Hotel Housekeeping
Personality Traits: Goofy, Happy, tough, strong hearted, somewhat distant but very relaxed and calm.

Likes: My boyfriend, my pals, my dogs, family, coffee, comfy places to cuddle, exploring my surroundings, music, Marines Corps news, cosplaying, role playing
Dislikes: shady people, sourkraut, allergies, not being able to buy churros, being poor
Favorites: neon green colors, rock music, dogs and big cats are the best animals, flat bill hats, jerseys and basketball shorts!!!
Fears: Dolls, work/economy vans, sharks and dolphins, anything bad happeneing to my family, pals or pets.

Goal(s): to live in another state, finish my comic and make something big out of it

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Can't sleep. Talk to me folks.
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Rev had been training with his new mentor for several decades, he was always very loyal, observant and did whatever he was told at great levels however, Rev was still an idiot and a bit of a goofball. Rev was waiting for his instructor's ques for what seemed like hours to him but to his instructor Lockdown it was only three minutes. Lockdown was almost reluctant to give Rev the word to start his mission. This mission was pretty simple compared to most of his others. This mission was to escape Lockdown's ship. Rev had a focused look in his optics as he readied himself to run.
Lockdown rolled his optics and sighed.

Lockdown: You're sure you know what you're supposed to do?
Rev: yep.
Lockdown: Absolutely sure?
Rev: Give me the word and I'll impress the Queen of Fuckery.

Lockdown blinked slowly and stared at Rev's readily positioned body. Lockdown whispered something to himself, put a servo over his optics and told Rev to go. Rev sped off running down the dark hall of the ship for a good ten seconds before Lockdown heard a loud crash and thump. Lockdown stared down the darkened hall for a moment until he saw Rev running toward him then past him at great speeds. He heard Rev shouting as he ran past him.

Rev: What kind of a dick puts a dead end on a fucking ship?

Lockdown stood in one spot staring in the direction that Rev ran to and slowly blinked again and then he excused himself to go sit down so he could listen to Rev being stupid. Luckily nothing was truly breakable on the ship and anything that was breakable was locked up or out of Rev's way. Rev ran down several halls and past a few cell blocks. This was the first time the prisoners actually had real entertainment. Some of the prisoners told others to watch the ridiculous attempts Rev made to escape the giant ship. Rev continued to run through a maze seeming panicked. He even ran around a prison guard three times and yelled at the guard for acting like a pole. The prison guard was confused and slowly walked away wondering what the hell he was yelled at for. Rev eventually came across a small hole and climbed in, all the sudden a loud blast was heard and Rev flew across the ship into the pilot's quarters. Lockdown was trying to enjoy a drink when he saw lots of black smoke and a dirt covered Rev slammed into a wall and hit the ground. Lockdown got angry and stood up, he walked over to Rev, picked him up and stared him in the optics.

Rev: That hurt!
Lockdown: Oh I imagine even an idiot like you can feel pain, but what in the hell are you DOING?
Rev: Ding!
Lockdown: Excuse me?
Rev: DING! I got an idea!

Rev ran off down a corridor and headed back into the depths of the ship. Lockdown slightly wondered exactly what he was up to and followed behind him but gave Rev some room. Rev ran down another hall and pushed a guard into a wall for no reason. The guard picked himself up and shook his head as if being slammed into a wall didn't bother him. Lockdown looked at the poor guard as he shrugged and continued his job. Rev ran into a room and found a ground bridge control panel.


Rev turned it on and on the other end a ground bridge opened at Decepticon Headquarters. Megatron looked over and saw this bridge and wondered where it had come from.

Megatron: Starscream, search these coordinates and tell me who this bridge is from..
Starscream: Yes my lord!

On Rev's side he stared at the glowing aura in awe until he started to get an idea. He picked up a pebble and threw it into the aura. The pebble disappeared. On the other end Megatron saw this pebble and seemed intrigued.

Megatron: Never mind that Starscream, I'll get Shockwave to find the source, see if anything else comes out of this portal.
Starscream: On it my Lord!
Shockwave was busy typing away while Starscream waited in front of the portal for someone or something.
Starscream: Maybe it was a mistaken opening Lord Mega...

Just then Starscream was hit with a chair. Starscream crumpled to the metal floor in pain. Megatron growled and roared with anger.

Megatron: Obviously AUTOBOTS!

Rev: *on his side of the portal lets out a little giggle* Hehehehe

Then a desk came through the portal, Megatron moved out of the way just in time but the desk also hit Starscream who had begun to sit up again. Rev was on the other end throwing pens, chairs, a dead bomb, a guard, another guard and three large rocks through the portal. Megatron looked at the guards who scrambled to get up and ran back into the portal back to Lockdown's ship. Shockwave was dumb founded.

Shockwave: Well my lord we have our mystery solved.
Megatron: Why is Lockdown being a dick?
Rev continued to throw desks, broken furniture and more guards until Lockdown walked in and found Rev.
Lockdown: YOU IDIOT!
Rev: *stops throwing stuff and turns to Lockdown* YES?
Lockdown: What the hell are you doing now?

Rev ran off again to leave Lockdown to apologize and explain things, however Lockdown had to hurry back before he found his ship in ruins. Rev knew Lockdown was pissed off and tried to find a place to hide. Sadly he knew there was no hiding from his trainer and he continued to run around in the ship's labyrinth. Lockdown got back to his ship quickly and managed to set a password on the ground bridge so Rev could no longer operate it. Lockdown then went to find Rev which didn't take him long. Rev exposed himself by running past him and sprinted down a long thin corridor. Rev lost his footing in the corridor and bounced off the walls repeatedly. Lockdown watched Rev bouncing back and forth until Rev eventually fell with a loud thud, Lockdown flinched as Rev hit the ground.


Rev got back up and ran around a prison block in a huge circle until he met with Lockdown again and ran right into him and knocked them both down. Lockdown stood up angrily and grabbed Rev, making him face him. Rev looked left, right, up and down frantically as if he wasn't being touched at all. Rev even breathed frantically as if a monster was chasing him.

Lockdown: The hell are you doing? You're supposed to escape not wreck my damn ship and start a fucking war with my highest paying...
With that Rev reached up and slapped Lockdown across the face and took off. Lockdown soothed his cheek and got pissed off.
Lockdown: HEY... YOU... GET BACK HERE YOU COMPLETE AND TOTAL IDIOT! *chases after Rev*

Rev ran into another wall of a corridor, fell and got up. Lockdown flinched as he saw this and slowed down after he had been chasing after Rev, he eventually slowed to a stop to see what Rev was doing. Rev got back up and ran into the wall on the opposite side of him and fell again, once more Lockdown flinched, several times Rev ran into walls and each time Lockdown flinched but he just seemed to enjoy how stupid Rev was. Rev eventually turned around heading back toward Lockdown. Lockdown stepped to the side as Rev ran past him. He followed Rev slowly while he watched him trip over nothing and ran straight into another wall as he tried to get up again.

Rev: Why the fuck are there walls?!?!
Lockdown: *says to himself* I've got my servos full with this one...

Rev continued to run off when he found something else interesting.

Rev: Hey that looks cool!

Lockdown's optics widened and he stood still for a moment fearing the worse. He took off to find Rev as fast as he could.

Lockdown: Oh no... no no no... what's he got NOW?

Lockdown appeared just in time to see Rev climbing into another cannon. Lockdown chased after him trying to catch him to pull him out but it was too late. Rev was at the bottom of the cannon and innocently waved at Lockdown.

Lockdown: Oh son of a....

Rev shot out of the cannon into Lockdown and they hit the ship's ceiling and fell to the ship's floor. Lockdown was more angry than before, he seethed with rage as he got up and saw Rev laying on his back staring at the ceiling. Lockdown got up and was about to pummel Rev when all the sudden Rev laughed.

Rev: Ha! Look I found a way out.

Rev went from looking at the ceiling to looking and pointing to a fan shaft. Rev picked himself up and stood proudly. He seemed very happy that he had found an escape route.

Lockdown: problem is you passed that damn shaft more times than I can count!
Rev: ...but I did find it!

Rev smiled as he stared at the shaft, then he turned around and saw Lockdown still fuming with rage. Rev's smile dropped as he looked at Lockdown and he blinked.

Rev: Are you mad at me?
Lockdown: Mad?

Lockdown brought his fist back and punched Rev in the face as hard as he could. Rev  fell to the ground unconsious. Hours later Rev was sitting in the pilot's quarters, his wrists were chained up to Lockdown's pilot throne. Rev didn't seem upset or even phased that he was chained, in fact he seemed happy.

Rev: These arm necklaces are pretty...
Lockdown: Glad you think so, you'll be wearing them for a while...
Rev: Maybe I can get you some!
Lockdown: I don't wear jewelry...
Rev: Hmm... suit yourself, I look fuckin' sexy in them!
Lockdown put his servo to his head and sighed.
Rev: You wanna do that again soon?
Lockdown: NO!
Rev's escape training (funny)
Rev has to escape Lockdown's ship as a training class.... sadly it doesn't turn out the way Lockdown expects it to LMFAO
Trouble by KlownyKritter
Megatron mad at his little offspring Tikara lol, 
Can't sleep. Talk to me folks.
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  • Listening to: Starset
  • Reading: What I Type
  • Watching: FBI Criminal Pursuit
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